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Several input and engagement opportunities will be available to residents.  Two public open houses, booths at community events, and survey’s via this website will also be used to collect input and feedback on plan recommendations.  Results from these input sessions will serve as a continuing guide for City staff and the consultant team as they proceed with the development of the plan. Community surveys, information about future meetings, and past meeting presentations and materials will continue to be added to this site as the process continues.

full Comprehensive Plan Draft

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individual Chapter Drafts

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Vision Statement

Monroe is an economically diverse community with small town charm focused on quality growth and development, family-centered amenities, and creating a vibrant quality of life for all.

Goal Statements

Goal statements have been created for various topics in the plan. These goal statements set the tone for development decisions for the City’s physical, social, and economic environment. 

Land Use

Monroe will achieve a more cohesive and balanced development pattern that strengthens residential neighborhoods and grows the job base  while offering more diverse and unique places to enhance the character  of Monroe, promote quality development, target strategic  redevelopment, protect natural assets, responsibly grow the school  district, and minimize impacts to City resources.


Monroe will encourage a wide range of quality housing including townhomes, apartments, condominiums, and single-family detached homes.

Economic Development

Monroe will be an economically sustainable city with a diverse tax base and high-wage jobs while protecting the community’s character.


Monroe will have a safe, accessible, and well-connected multi-modal transportation system that addresses vehicular congestion, supports the desired land use pattern; promotes physical activity, health, and wellness; and serves the needs of Monroe’s residents, businesses, institutions, and industries.

Quality of Life

Monroe will be a resilient place to live, build a career, do business, eat, shop, and recreate, making it the preferred place to call home in the region.


Monroe will reinvigorate the downtown by strategically planning a genuine community gathering space that fosters public private partnerships for varied residential opportunities, creates jobs through business attraction and retention, and caters to a pedestrian-oriented environment with generation bridging activities.


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Additional Materials

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Stay in the know

How to get Involved

As a part of updating the Comprehensive Plan, public and stakeholder input is necessary and vital to creating a successful plan. This input helps to focus on areas where more detailed analysis may be needed to develop appropriate goals and recommendations.

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About the Plan

The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to guide Monroe’s Council, Plan Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Park and Recreation Board, and staff regarding the type, location, and intensity of development and redevelopment in the City.  It will describe an aspirational vision and contain several goals and recommendations related to future land use, transportation improvements, quality of life initiatives, and economic development efforts; implementation policies; and project priorities.

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